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Vanessa Gomez

December 8, 2009

PAGE ONE Cultures show off at City (blue flamenco dancer) Numerous campus clubs united to celebrate the diversity of languages on Dec. 2 for Language Day in Gorton Quad. Rocio Carrera, owner of Paloma Aragon Dance Academy, stomps out flamenco steps traditional of the Spanish culture. Region X (two kids holding a sign) Students from multiple community colleges gather to...

Reflections on the year that has been with no regrets

Luis Bahena

December 8, 2009

As I look back to the year that has been I can't help to be unbelievably thankful that the year is almost over. Just a few more weeks until the New Year celebrations begin and I am uber excited. I know that things such as bills, work, school (my single status), will remain the same with the coming new year. But I can't help but feel a sense of renewal whenever the New Year...

Entering 2010 unsure

Vanessa Gomez

December 8, 2009

After many endless days and nights spent studying or working on homework, most City students look forward to the end of the year as a time to breathe and enjoy holiday festivities with their loved ones. Students only have yet to conquer finals and exert a little more energy to make the grade. Here at City Times, we find ourselves reflecting on the past fall semester, looking...

Gere and Swank light up the screen in ‘Amelia’

Donna Maranto

December 8, 2009

Starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere, "Amelia" is a highly romanticized depiction of Amelia Earhart -- the famous aviatrix who captivated the world in the 1930s with abilities to take to the skies in a very new and not-so-female occupation at the time- has hit the cinema. The director, Mira Nair has portrayed a delicate woman who captivated the world with charm and a modicum...

Cuts to Cosmetology

Ernesto Lopez

December 8, 2009

Due to budget cuts, the Cosmetology Department has been forced to not accept new students for their night program in the spring and has laid off three instructors. According to Sudabeh Phillips, cosmetology instructor, by next fall the night program will be completely gone. Phillips added that the program has also lost their teacher training program and student supplies budget. "We...

Captions for Info Box on H1N1 Vaccine

Brittany Johnson

December 8, 2009

Meanwhile, health services have offered the following steps we can take to avoid both the Swine and Seasonal Flu.  Frequently and properly wash your hands  Get adequate sleep  Stay hydrated and eat healthy  Avoid contact with those who are sick How do you know if you have a seasonal flu or seasonal allergies? According to the CDC here is a list of common symptoms and...

HIV testing on campus

Cristo De Guzman

December 8, 2009

Students who had their blood tested by a mobile HIV-testing clinic on World Aids Awareness Day Dec. 1 in the Gorton Quad had to endure no more than twenty minutes of having the inside of their mouth swabbed to test for antibodies to HIV. This scraping of the gums is the preliminary test that determines the presence of antibodies to HIV. This can appear as early as two weeks...

Newest athletics complex set to open

Robert Miller

December 8, 2009

San Diego City College will be opening the refurbished, state of the art "Exercise Science" building this spring on Jan. 25. Students are now able to schedule classes for Spring 2010 that will be held in this new "P" building. The projects scheduled finish date is Dec. 14 and faculty and staff will start moving in later this month. Located on Park Blvd. besides the Harry...

A stolen radio for the holidays

Donna P. Crilly

December 8, 2009

It was the Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving. As usual, I was running late for work and counting the days until my move from Carlsbad to North Park, where I serve patrons their morning java jolt. Around 5:35 a.m., I zipped up my jacket, grabbed my keys and rushed out the door toward my beat-up '91 Acura Integra. It was still dark and I remember the cold wind slapping my...

People’s History event 2.0

Juan Carlos Gil

December 8, 2009

An Art gallery with portraits of Bob Marley and Albert Einstein welcomed guests to BEAT's second presentation of "Voices of a People's History" at the Saville Theater on Nov. 17. City's BEAT club came together for a second time this semester to recite historical speeches from Martin Luther King J.R., Frederick Douglass, Abbie Hoffman, Ani De Franco, Marry Harris Jones and...

‘Learn a different language, get a new soul’

Vanessa Gomez

December 8, 2009

var uslide_show_id = "f4dfbbac-23d9-4e13-9ff5-8878bf5315ef";var slideshowwidth = "468";var linktext = ""; According to a Czech proverb, when you "learn a new language," you "get a new soul." Maybe City students didn't trade in their souls for new ones, but they definitely got a peek into the souls of other cultures from around the world on Dec 2. The Language Day in Go...

‘Here’s what I have to say Mr. Blogger: I do. I care’

Bri Heath

December 8, 2009

'"Who the (expletive) cares if (a gay man) wants to cruise a restroom?" said an angry gay blogger. "Isn't there a rapist or a child molester or a thief or a murderer out there to catch? This kind of 'sting operation' is just a witch hunt."' This quote was used for an article titled "Police target 'cruising' at City" in the news section of the paper's Oct. 20 issue. Well, here's...

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