REVIEW: ‘Songs For a New World’ with a twist

Jeanette Orallo

Students and many others poured into the Saville Theatre on Nov. 5 to experience “Songs for a New World,” a combination of music and dance, which represented the struggles between fear and faith. There were a total of 15 performances split into two acts.

The introduction, “The New World,” performed by Teresa Elliot, Rebekah Ensley and the ensemble, was beautifully performed and opened the stage for the rest of the evening’s performances.

Ivette Bolanos gave a comedic twist to her performance “Just One Step.” Bolanos acted out a outrageous scene in which she constantly yells at Murrie, her boyfriend, and attempts to plunge to her death while dressed in diamonds and fur.

“The World Was Dancing,” performed by William Tallaksen and the female ensemble, brought the audience to complete unity, as the rest of the ensemble danced the stage away.

“This particular song was well choreographed and was just a feel good song,” audience member Ruth Pacelli said.

To add variety to the night’s performances, Heather Andrews and Phillip McGruder came together for a little love song, “I’d Give It All For You.” This song showed plenty of emotion and brought some audience members to a few tears.

To bring the evening to a close, Sarah Hansen-Lund, Amanda Leger, Jasmine Morgan, and the ensemble performed “Hear My Song.”

During intermission, the audience was able to purchase refreshments sold to raise money for the theatre.