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America needs loyal politicians

Tristen Fernane

December 11, 2012

Throughout the years there have been many scandals from affairs to misuse of power within the people we trust to run this country. When it comes to a politician and someone of high-ranking power there personal life should weigh-in on their career. In the most current scandal David Petraeus, CIA director, was having an affair with Paula Broadwell, an author who co-wrote his b...

Prop. 30 breathes life into City’s classes

Tristen Fernane

December 5, 2012

A new class schedule was released online Nov. 8 for the spring semester. It was originally held back only to be released a couple of days after the election, pending the outcome of Prop. 30. San Diego City College President Terrence Burgess explained that the passing of Prop. 30 saved 70 to 80 sections from being cut, meaning that 1,300 classes were not removed."Th...

Students weigh transfer options

Mariel Mostacero and Tristen Fernane

November 13, 2012

The City College Transfer Fair was held Oct. 25 at Gorton Quad, serving as a host to both technical schools and traditional universities for students interested in opportunities beyond community college. Some of the universities were well-known, such as San Diego State, UC San Diego, and UC Berkeley. With Proposition 30 on the ballot, they have held off application until a...

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