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Life of beloved coach and teacher to be commemorated Oct. 6

Coach Jim Colbert's career at City College spanned more than two decades. He passed away on Sept. 18 from an aggressive form of brain cancer. Official Facebook image.
LaShawn Encarnacion September 29, 2013

The City College community will celebrate the life of Coach Jim Colbert on Oct. 6. The long-time and respected coach passed away from an aggressive form of brain cancer. The coach, who died on Sept. 18,...

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Sand volleyball has a future at City College

LaShawn Encarnacion September 20, 2013

There is a big push to make sand volleyball an official intercollegiate sport. The issue is currently working its way through the approval process by the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference and the California...

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Cancer diagnosis shakes athletics department

Coach Jim Colbert's career at City College spanned 23 years. Courtesy photo.
LaShawn Encarnacion September 18, 2013

*Sept. 19 - Update: We've received word from Athletics Director Kathy McGinnis, that Coach Colbert passed away Wednesday night. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family.A longtime and highly respected...

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Lady Knights have ‘a lot more depth’ in volleyball

LaShawn Encarnacion September 17, 2013

The City College Lady Knights volleyball team started their season with an opening win over Santa Ana College three sets to zero sets.Middle blocker Imani Griffin led the way with 13 kills and four blocks....

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Fall semester looks promising for student athletes

LaShawn Encarnacion August 19, 2013

Some teams had success last year while others came up short but with a new season comes a clean slate and new goals and for some, a chance at redemption.The City College men’s soccer team is coming...

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Year-end review of City College athletics

Kathy McGinnis works on paperwork for the upcoming fall season. Mary Watson, City Times
LaShawn Encarnacion May 21, 2013

From the controversy surrounding the men's volleyball team to the back-to-back successful season of the badminton team, the sports program at City College has had its share of highs and lows. City's athletic...

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To allow love or not to allow love

LaShawn Encarnacion May 20, 2013

Is it right that gays are prevented from getting married? Moreover, is it right to use religion as the reason why? This remains one of today's hottest debates and while there are pros and cons to gays...

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Is it right…? : Generalizations

LaShawn Encarnacion April 30, 2013

Generalizations happen every day and they carry heavy consequences with them. For example, is it right for society to make them about a specific gender? A generalization some make is that women set themselves...

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Men’s basketball team left with a question mark

City College basketball team play against MiraCosta College on Feb. 22, losing 53-70. Aubrey Brewer, City Times
LaShawn Encarnacion April 16, 2013

The Knights basketball team headed into off-season on a sour note with a blow-out loss to MiraCosta Spartans at their home game on Feb. 22, 70-53.Once again, the men's basketball team had an initial burst...

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Is it right …

LaShawn Encarnacion April 15, 2013

Is it right ... that pro athletes can take performing enhancing drugs to compete? To use drugs such as steroids, human growth hormones (HGH) and numerous types of pain killers to cash in on tens-of-millions...

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City College badminton defending its title

Player from the women's badminton team goes for the birdie during practice April 11 at the Harry West Gym. Audrey Brewer, City Times
LaShawn Encarnacion April 8, 2013

The San Diego City College Lady Knights are the reigning and defending State Badminton Doubles Champions with aspirations to win back-to-back titles. In 2012, the teams of LanAnh Nguyen/Tammy Vu San Diego...

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Three volleyball players reportedly suspended

Knights volleyball player Rafael Garcia prepares to serve the ball during their home game against Mesa College on March 1, resulting in a loss of 0-3.
LaShawn Encarnacion April 8, 2013

The Knights men’s volleyball team has been forced to forfeit the remaining games of the 2013 season. Newscene, City College's student news program, reports that three players, including the team...

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