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99th annual graduation fast approaching for City College students

Klarissa Sanchez

May 21, 2013

All the hard work and dedication students put in throughout the years is now paying off. Cameras will snap, proud parents will be in the stands and students will celebrate. Speakers will tell students that graduation will set them off into the real world and a great future.San Diego City College will hold its 99th commencement ceremonies at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park...

A more efficient way to study

Klarissa Sanchez

May 15, 2013

Finals. It’s the most stressful time of the semester. With less than a month left, you should start preparing now. Don’t wait until the night before an exam to memorize 18 weeks of information. Plan ahead!First, don’t procrastinate. Procrastination causes unnecessary stress and sets you up for failure. Check out your exam schedule and start studying for your ...

Empowering women at City College

Klarissa Sanchez

May 13, 2013

The Rape Aggression Defense is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. The R.A.D. Systems is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands on defense training.A 12-hour self-defense program was held on April 20th and April 27th for all female faculty, st...

An Egyptian man grows noticeably tense in Tahrir Square at the anniversary of the uprising on January 25, 2012. by J. Rae Chipera, City Times.

Arab Spring revisited

May 13, 2013

The Arab Springs were never as they seemed. The term was created after the United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The idea was that Saddam Hussein...

Interior of Mesa College student servies center. Mary Watson, City Times

City will have a new student services center, just not yet

April 17, 2013

Now that Mesa College has inaugurated its state-of-the-art Student Services building, City students might be wondering why they don’t have such a facil...

There are enough hours in a day

Klarissa Sanchez

April 3, 2013

How often do we hear people say “I wish there were more hours in a day?” We can’t control time but we can control how we use our time. Every day we run around trying to get things done. While schoolwork and exams are the most stressful, we can still find a way to make it less stressful using time management. Rather than believing that we don’t control...

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