San Diego’s largest tasting room for beer

AleSmith Brewing Company celebrated its 20th anniversary last year with the opening of its new state-of-the-art brewery in Miramar but this is year we finally get to enjoy the facility in full.

Founded in 1995, the San Diego based craft brewery specializes in handcrafted ales inspired by brewing methods found in Belgium and Great Britain.

The new AleSmith brewing facility, the largest beer tasting room in San Diego County, features an expansive area to enjoy one of its many award-winning beers on tap, a Prohibition-era decorated tasting room for its barrel-aged beers and the newly unveiled Tony Gwynn Museum honoring the San Diego Padres baseball legend.

Granted, taking a trip to AleSmith will have you step outside the comfort of the downtown area and towards the commercial district of Miramar but once there, you will be able to reward your taste palate with European style inspired ales, made here in San Diego.

The Anvil ESB, AleSmith’s interpretation of a traditional British-style pub ale, is the perfect starting point. A handsome looking pour, deep amber color with a thin layer of head. It’s a solid tasting beer with subtle touches of caramel and a toasty character. It’s a perfect beer to get the evening started, simple, smooth and well balanced.

Within the British style brews found here, you have to enjoy a pint of Nut Brown Ale. Packing plenty of flavor and drinks heavier than its appearance would lead on. Balancing notes of mild cocoa, bread and earthy hops, its combination make this a very drinkable and satisfying English style brown ale, refreshing and light.

On the opposite of the beer spectrum, the X Extra Pale Ale will impress your taste palate with its abundant American hops. The beauty of this beer is that even with its intense flavor profile, it remains balance. Refreshing and not too overwhelming, the notes of citrus and hints of malt enrich its crisp body and smooth bitterness.

Now if you’re looking for something more “San Diego,” AleSmith’s San Diego Pale Ale .394 is right up your alley. A tribute to Tony Gwynn and the career high batting average that he achieved in 1994, this beer offers a light taste with a kick, just like the man himself wanted. A flavorful pale ale that’s hoppy, crisp and very clean with an impressively tasty lingering finish. Everything you want in a San Diego style Pale Ale, you will find in this pour.

The beer selection is vast, at over 20 plus different beers on tap. No need to worry, you can choose the sampler size to enjoy a handful of selections or just take a dip in to full 16 ounce. Now, if you feel like taking a full swing at their flagship beers, dig into their beer flights which offer four different beers and paired within their brewing methods and styles.

There’s plenty to choose from and see at AleSmith Brewing Company. From their year round beers to the seasonal offerings, brewery tours, speakeasy and the Tony Gwynn museum, you won’t find a better brewery experience anywhere in San Diego. So if you find yourself ready for a beer adventure, this is the place to go to enjoy a nice full pint of beer.