How do you get to school? What difficulties have you faced in your commute?

Andrea Morin Photos

My dad brings me. If it wasn’t for my parents I would have to take the trolley.

Marie Guerrero, 18, Business


I take the trolley for about 30 minutes. Sometimes there are delays when I’m taking the trolley. On 12th and Imperial — I think it’s one of the busiest stops, so it’s understandable — but it’s nothing outrageous. I always get on time.

Jorge (last name not given), 22, Marketing


I take the trolley and it’s always smooth. I’m always here on time. From where I live it takes me from 30 to 40 minutes to get here.

Marvin Mora, 22, Linguistics


I drive. It only takes me about 15 minutes to get here but I get here early. You have to come here in a perfect time, like when students are getting out of class. Finding parking here is horrible.

Ruweyda Mohamed, 24, Social Work

I drive. I just take 94 west so it’s usually not so bad. When it’s raining it gets kind of bad in the freeway, so it’s hard to get here in the mornings.

Mohamed Mohamed, 21, Business Management


I get to school on the bus. I used to take my bike but people started stealing bikes here, so I’m just taking the bus now. The time depends. Sometimes it would be anywhere from half an hour to ten minutes. I only take one bus but it is tough with the bus schedule. Sometimes there are delays because of the weather or others.

Harin Zayar, 21, Biomedical Engineering


I drive about an hour from Valley Center everyday I go to school or when I work. There is always traffic in the mornings on the 15 south. But I usually just take the express lane because, why not pay for it if you’ll use it everyday, right?

Matt Knowles, 21, Television and Film


I take the trolley. Sometimes the trolley times aren’t that reliable though. It all depends. It can be very chaotic.

Christopher Mendiola, 19, Business Management