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Club Review – Anthology jazz club offers class, atmosphere to die for

Shanika Whaley October 9, 2007

Shanika Whaley City Times The new jazz club in San Diego offers fine dining mixed with great musical talent that features an impressive ambiance. In Little Italy, this is the place to be if you want to...

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Event weaves ‘Thread’ of fashion

David McAtee October 9, 2007

David McAtee City Times When walking into the San Diego Aerospace Museum on Sept. 9 to attend the latest incarnation of Thread, the quarter annual fashion and style expo, it was impossible to ignore...

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Key dean enters retirement

Shanika Whaley and Shanika Whaley May 22, 2007

By Shanika Whaley City Times He is highly respected by the faculty and students at San Diego City College. His teaching career began before most students were born and he has worked with some amazing...

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Human Rights Fair brings awareness to City

By Rebecca Saffran and Emily Pfaff City Times The City College chapter of Amnesty International hosted its first Human Rights Festival May 8-9 on campus to raise awareness of domestic and global issues...

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Film examines femicide in Juarez, Mexico

Rosemarie Davis and Rosemarie Davis May 22, 2007

By Rosemarie Davis City Times The brutal murders and rapes of women are going unsolved in the impoverished border town of Juarez, Mexico. The documentary "On the Edge: The Femicide of Juarez" was shown...

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From sun to study, City students prep for summer

Vanessa Cantu and Vanessa Cantu May 22, 2007

By Vanessa Cantu Contributor Sunshine, beaches and friends. What are San Diego City College students doing to prepare for summer fun in the sun? Working out? Eating right? Or are they just preparing...

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Instrumental vice chancellor calls it a career

Brittany Arquette and Brittany Arquette May 22, 2007

By Brittany Arquette City Times It's been a long ride for San Diego Community College District's vice chancellor, Damon Schamu. But come June, that ride will end, and another will begin. After 27 years...

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Darfur genocide is student’s call to action

Brittany Arquette and Brittany Arquette May 22, 2007

By Brittany Arquette City Times Genocide might not be a common word in most Americans' vocabulary, but across the Atlantic, where millions of people in Darfur, Sudan, are being slaughtered and forced...

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Cultural awareness goal of new international club

Mariana Lima and Mariana Lima May 22, 2007

By Mariana Lima Contributor If you are curious to taste English black pudding, Japanese miso soup and rice for breakfast or simply want to make friends, the address is the same for both - room L-208c....

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Silence is the sound of learning for City College professor

Tasha Ball and Tasha Ball May 22, 2007

By Tasha Ball Contributor Simone Laubenthal's students don't listen to a word she says, and that's exactly how she likes it. Laubenthal, 37, teaches American Sign Language classes at San Diego City College,...

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Broadcasting student leaving City to make her mark at NBC

Brittany Arquette and Brittany Arquette May 22, 2007

By Brittany Arquette City Times From a cheerleader in Mexico to an NBC video editor, City student Micaela Arroyo has had a long, hard two years. But this June as she accepts her diploma, she'll put those...

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Halley’s Comet’s got nothing on Bauer’s asteroid

Lauren Ciallella and Lauren Ciallella May 8, 2007

By Lauren Ciallella City Times With nearly 40 years of teaching at City College, professor John Bauer inspired his astronomy and physics students far beyond the classroom with his hands-on, on-site approach...

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