Student fees may go up at San Diego State

Alanna Berman

SAN DIEGO (U-WIRE) At $15 per semester, San Diego State University has one of the lowest Student Body Association Fees in the California State University system, and it is still far below the annual average of $129 per year. Currently, the combined revenue is about $1 million, funding programs such as student government, college councils and student union special programs.
At a recent Associated Students council meeting, an information item to raise the fee was presented, and a referendum will be presented to the council next week. The proposed increase of $20 per semester would make the new fee $35 per semester for all students, and would be allocated to fund both existing and new programs on campus beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year.
The Student Body Association Fee was last raised in 1992, when it was increased from $10 to $15 per semester.
Among some of the plan’s objectives are increased funding for A.S. and student organization events and activities programming, international study abroad scholarships, a spring ‘green’ festival event and a new student legal advising service.
“If this passes, this could be what the 2007-08 council is remembered for,” A.S. vice president of university affairs Michael Matthews said at the meeting.
With an estimated enrollment rate of 35,000 students each year, the fee raise is expected to generate almost $1.4 million for the school.