Meal and deals

Sean Daugherty

I asked the owners what’s your best taco, they said”Birria Chivo.” They get repeat customers.They have been open for two years on Imperial Ave and six years in San Ysidro.They give discounts for those who ask.Their business is expected to grow to three more restaurants. Its a family businees and all the employees are relatives.Their business hour are 5 P.M to 11P.M everyday. They want people to come on over and try their Barbocoa Borrego.I interviewed a customer by the name of Ariel Flores and he this to say,” at El Compita he favors the Cabeza tacos.Compared to other taco shops this is real mexican food.He brings his family there often. He gives the restaurant a seven out of a possible 5 forks. Their tacos are $1.25 that is very affordable for those on a tight budget. The sodas are $1.00. They are an outside setting located at26 and Imperial. I feel the prices are very reasonable and affordable. Though I do have some suggestions. I would to see more tables and the food be cook insied a kitchen. I give it 3 forks. For price and convience located just two miles from SD City College.