City College ASG presidential candidates state their case

Associated Students Government presidential candidates for the 2011-12 school year answer questions about their priorities and qualifications for serving the City Collete community. General elections voting is from May 2 starting at 7 a.m. through May 4 at midnight.

To be fair, City Times has posted the questionnaires in alphabetical order by the candidates last name. Also, each statement is running as was submitted and were only briefly edited for lenght.

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Danielle Marie Coulter

-Major: Biology

-Previous leadership positions: (all current)

City College Associated Student Government ASG) Senate President

Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Region X Senator. I represent all nearly 3 million students at the state level. The SSCCC is the only student advocacy organization that exists for California Community College students.

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) Executive Board Member
ASCCC Curriculum Committee member. My research addressing student obstacles and improving student success was recently used in a published Rostrum article.

-If elected ASG president, how will you foster student involvement in school events and activities?

Persistence. We’ll continue the great efforts ASG has done this year. We’ve had tremendous success with syncing the T.V.’s in the cafeteria up with the master calender of events, bulletin postings, emails and hosting events.

But it’s not perfect. My running mate for Vice-President, Michael Cash, and I plan to organize classroom presentations. We’ll create a short but powerful flyer that outlines the ASG, our mission, events and services. Students that want to participate will know what’s happening and when.

From there we’ll also promote the “ASG Membership.” This membership exists for students, is independent of clubs, and offers discounts and free services on and off campus.

-What’s your top priority for ASG?

Inter Club Council (ICC) re-strengthening. The idea is that every student on campus has a voice and it’s every student’s right to make that voice heard. One of the most common, and very effective, methods is by uniting with students with their same concerns/interests.

The ICC unites every club on campus, therefore attempting to even better work for the students. Establishing a club is easy and beneficial. Right now though, the ICC is weak which means student voices are suffering.

We need to improve the effectiveness of the ICC because it’s the students that benefit from an effective ICC.

-What can you do that your opponent can’t?

Experience and knowledge. As combat veterans Michael Cash and I have acquired years of leadership and team building skills.

This paired with the two years experience in ASG is a powerful combination. I have also never resigned from any of my duties at the local or state level.

But very importantly, I am well versed in Robert’s Rules of Order and the Brown Act. Because City College receives State funding, we are required to hold meetings in accordance with these governing policies, or we-as an institution and individuals-can face legal penalties.

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Josef Antony Shannon

-Major: Associate in Computer Information Science

-Previous leadership positions:

2008-Associated Students Senator
(In the spring the AS fell apart so there was only two active members Of AS)

2009-Associated Student Vice president

2009-2010- Community Organizer for the SOS Coalition

2010-Associated Student Public Relations Officer

2010-Student Senate of California Community Colleges Region X Director of Outreach and Public Relations
Currently- Associated Students Secretary

-If elected ASG president, how will you foster student involvement in school events and activities?

One of the ways that I would foster student involvement, is a better marketing of events, over the last few years in the ASG; I’ve seen what works and doesn’t work.

Getting the ICC (Inter Club Council) to work better then is now, because when I restarted the ICC back when I was Vice president of the Associated Student, back in 2008-2009 after a year in hibernation, we had about 13 of the 20 clubs attending averagely, and we had bigger events because of it, because it wasn’t one group doing an event, it was 3-5 groups doing an event.

Better Planning from Business Perceptive
Better opportunity drawing prizes
(In 3 days one of colleagues and me hustled up $1200 in prizes)

-What’s your top priority for ASG?
Well I have three top priorities for ASG, next year:

Offering more services to students like resources guides for emergency services , one of my colleagues and myself were working on resources books, that provides service to our students that the campus can’t provide like emergency food supplies around the county, Health Clinics, to shelters, because the economy isn’t getting better anytime soon.

Better entrainment and events for our students, like Spring Concert series, but better tailored for our diverse student body.

Being more attention to the Budget Cuts to Higher Education, and how they are affecting the community presently and in the near future the budget cuts has been one of my biggest issues since 2009.

-What can you do that your opponent can’t?

That a tough one, I’m sure my opponent can do everything and I can do, Danielle is very confident, fair, and a hard worker, since I have know n Danielle for the last year and half.

But at the same time I have the knowledge and experience, and connections of four years in working in the AS, and how to get stuff done in bureaucracy call City College, Plus I can run ASG with a bare minimal amount of people, since for one semester is was just the president and myself keeping ASG afloat. So I hit the ground running next year, without the trial by fire, which the last 3 presidents had.

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For a complete list of candidates for other ASG positions visit the Student Affairs office at D-106 or call (619) 388-3498.

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