You’re somebody’s blood type

Gorton Quad was over run by students eating Rice Krispies and drinking water and soda Sept. 8. The San Diego Blood Bank was back on campus for its monthly blood drive. This month’s drive was dedicated to 9/11.

The goal is to collect as many pints of blood as possible.

The San Diego Blood Bank sees City College as a great resource for collecting blood and has been coming to City College since Oct. 2008.

Leslie Eagan, an Account Marketing Manager with the blood bank, said she wanted  to “thank City College for giving students and faculty the opportunity to save lives, and supporting the San Diego Blood Bank.”  She also urges everyone that is able to donate to come to the next blood drive Oct. 19.

City College is not new to being an excellent source of blood.  On Sept. 11, 2001 after the attacks in Manhattan, 350 units of blood were sent to New York City from the school.  According to Leslie Eagan, every pint of blood saves up to two lives and giving the 350 pints of blood meant sending a potential of saving up to 700 lives.

The blood drive started on campus as a semiannual event.  Dotti Cordell, a registered nurse at  Student Health Services, has seen the amazing turnout and worked with Leslie Eagan to upgrade the schedule to a monthly blood drive.

“I haven’t donated in about 5 years but I’m hoping to do it every year. I saw it on the website and I didn’t have to work later today so I figured it would be good.“ said Child Development student Brianne Bridge.

Since first opening in Oct. 2008, over 900 pints of blood have been collected from City College.

Long lines are expected,  avoid them by making appointments at  Be sure to click on “appointments” and type in “SDCC” as the sponsor code.

Before donating you should eat a hearty meal and drink plenty of fluids.  You will be required to take a yes/no questionnaire and bring your I.D.

If you would like more information on San Diego Blood Bank or the blood drives they hold on campus call 1-800-469-7322 or visit the website. Additional information is also available at the Student Health Services Center.