New leader for City’s police department

San Diego Community College District has the fourth largest college police department in California.

At City campus alone, there are three patrol sergeants, one administrative sergeant, 14 officers, four campus service officers and a partial support staff.

City has a new administrative sergeant, Ed Headtke, who is in charge of keeping equipment in check, management of campus police, keeping campus officers up to date with training programs, and being a public liaison.

The 14 officers deal with calls and patrol the campus.

The four campus service officers deal with parking and car troubles, such as dead car batteries, parking tickets, even lockouts.

The officers of City College have a large amount of training, being required to go through more training than normal police officers after they graduate from the police academy.

The Firearms Training Unit, or FTU, trains officers in the use of their pistol, the less lethal bean bag shotgun, and provides training to rifle officers. The district’s Firearms Training Unit also goes to campuses across California to train their officers.

Eleven officers on City campus are rifle trained and if the need arises can use semi-automatic rifles, mostly of the .223 caliber.

On campus there are four officers assigned to a bike team, which goes through training on how to ride up and down stairs, even how to take down a fleeing subject from a bicycle.

The district has one field training officer, who has the job of training new officers and making sure officers know the campus.

RAD, a nationwide rape defense program, is offered by the officers to women on campus, every few months.

The campus police offer other programs. For more information on these you can stop by the campus police office in the V Building.

The campus officers have five squad cars, which are outfitted the same as the San Diego Police Department’s.

There is always a minimum of two squad cars patrolling. The squad also has two less-lethal shotguns, loaded with bean bag rounds to subdue subjects without doing lethal damage.

Campus police are located on the first floor of the V-Building on Broadway and 17th Street. To report a crime call campus police at 619-388-6405.