Step Up to Live Well promotes campus fitness through yoga


Students participate in the yoga class for Step Up to Live Well. Photo credit: Joe Kendall

Essence Mcconnell

More than 30 yoga students and non-students exercised to demonstrate and promote fitness.

“Yoga For Everyone” was part of City College’s Step Up to Live Well program.

“Its intent is to help bring about a healthier culture on our campus,” said Veronica Ortega, lead organizer of the Step Up to Live Well initiative. “Our focuses are on fitness, nutrition, and behavioral health.”

This hour-long class was led by yoga instructor and professor Nick Skvarna. He held his class outside so it was open for the public.

“Yoga for Everyone” was held in the Curran Plaza on March 25 under a large tree, which helped to create the relaxed ambiance yoga promotes. Organizers provided mats for all who attended.

Skvarna walked the students through each move and position to make it easier for newcomers, but kept at an even pace for returning students.

Each month, as part of “Step Up to Live Well” campaign, City focuses on a monthly theme and the cafeteria serves a complementary juice from produce grown at [email protected]

April’s theme will encourage healthy relationships, and there will be many activities to support it. Among them will be a “Relationships 101” workshop, a 2K “Bring-a-Buddy” run and the juice of the month will be “ Hawaiian Kiss.”