New requirements for BOG waiver announced

Belinda Mendoza

The California Legislature has imposed a new requirement for the Board of Governors waiver that will begin in the fall semester.

Previously the BOG waiver, which pays for basic tuition, was only based on income, but now grades and units completed will be taken into consideration.

To qualify for the waiver, students have to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average. They also have to complete at least 60 percent of the units they attempt, meaning they can’t fail or withdraw from more than 40 percent of the units they take.

Nora Hinsley, a counselor at City College, expressed concern about the new requirements.

“This is definitely something that’s going to affect a lot of our students because a lot are lower income and are BOG-eligible.”

Though the BOG waiver only covers tuition, for some students it’s the only form of financial aid they qualify for. At $46 a unit, full-time students pay $552 for 12 units, which they would have to cover on their own if they did not receive the waiver.

Hinsley worried that the new requirement is another obstacle to overcome.

” A lot of our students have housing and financial issues, and they already have enough struggles and we’re going to add another barrier on top of that,” Hinsley said.

Four of City Colleges’ counselors have put together a group of informational sessions, titled “Save Your BOGW.” These sessions are two times a week until mid-April. Thy include progress reports, informational packets, and interactive scenarios to help students improve their grades. Counselors are available to answer questions as well.

“We’re trying to help them understand what these changes in policy are and how to be successful in school so they can keep their Board of Governors Waiver and their priority registration,” said Ray Wong, one of the counselors.

Although these sessions are not mandatory, Wong encourages students to come and see what they’re about.

The next sessions are on April 6 and 7. Students may call or stop by the Counseling Center in A-110 for more information or to sign up. The sessions are listed in the calendar of the San Diego City College website,