Perspective: Campus club’s name is hip, expresses irreverent humor

Frye, Jason

“Can Dykes be FAGS?” Asked the cheerful young woman as she picked up the pen to join our ranks.

“Yes, yes dykes can be Fags.” I replied, she giggled as she endorsed the green club packet.

FAGS, FAGS, FAGS; OK we have it out of our systems. The gay group on campus calls itself FAGS. We are the Fellowship of Associated Gay Students (FAGS) & Straight Allies.

Today liberal is associated with weakness, with frivolous utopian pursuits of politically correct toleration. Liberal used to be attached to fiery. There are fiery liberals still out there, “hi nice to meetcha.”

We are not interested in being passive. In matters of equality, passivity and compromise move at the speed of continents. The liberal left has the same right of viewpoint as moderates and conservatives, besides we are the only ones who have ever accomplished anything to truly better the world. The gay community is not monolithic, and the organizers at City College are not moderates. We are fiery liberals, who have plans like free and anonymous HIV testing on campus.

We have a right to our name, but right now we are being stifled from presenting the acronym. The name is a heated, but let us not neglect the most important element, the group. The people in my group, they love it, voted on it, and approved it. They did so at Mesa, City, MiraCosta, soon are going to have a chapter at Miramar, Southwestern, and Grossmont.

We are celebrating FAGS as seasoned activists and those in training. The world is not kind to gays and lesbians. We would be remiss if we did not recognize that.

If the daring nature of embracing an epithet is frightening or obscene to a handful, so be it. We dare to be bold. It’s working to attract more members than ever before. Take the L out of your acronym and call yourself FAGS more women show up than ever before, and they celebrate the name.

Facilitating a social and educational space for the GLBT community on campus is what we do. Our name gets the attention, but our positive and progressive principles are what makes us last.

Our name expresses sophisticated hip and irreverent humor. We are a lot of fun. They may have removed our posters, but we’re still here. Regardless of your sexual orientation if you care about gay and lesbian issues, safer sex, marriage equality, free speech, or want to make new friends and have one hell of a good time come to D-101 Wednesdays at 3.

My name is Jason Frye, FAGS is my baby, I created it, point all of your hatred at me. I’m also the President of both Mesa and City’s chapters; the buck stops here. I am one voice who represents many. Before you storm the castle with torches or lock me in your cross-hairs allow me to paraphrase a power-phrase. We’re here, we’re queer, and if we decide to call ourselves FAGS, that’s our business.

(Jason Frye is the student government president)