‘Here’s what I have to say Mr. Blogger: I do. I care’

‘”Who the (expletive) cares if (a gay man) wants to cruise a restroom?” said an angry gay blogger. “Isn’t there a rapist or a child molester or a thief or a murderer out there to catch? This kind of ‘sting operation’ is just a witch hunt.”‘ This quote was used for an article titled “Police target ‘cruising’ at City” in the news section of the paper’s Oct. 20 issue.

Well, here’s what I have to say Mr. Blogger: I do. I care, very much.

Yes, there are rapists, child molesters, thieves, and murderers that are important to catch too, and whilst you and some others may believe cruising isn’t as bad as rape, molestation, robbery or murder – it really isn’t your call.

That’s up to the person being offended. Some people think rape is a hundred times worse than cruising. Some, not so much.

Personally, I feel it’s about twice as bad. That doesn’t make cruising any better, though.

Some might call someone who feels their cruising experience is almost as bad as a rape victim’s a wuss – but you can’t measure someone else’s problems. It doesn’t really work that way.

A person should have the right to be able to go into a restroom and do their business, without worrying someone may try to obtain sex from them.

Sure, I get some people aren’t out yet for their own personal reasons, but to force someone into an uncomfortable situation that could potentially scar one for life? Doesn’t really sound good to me either.

I don’t feel just because someone’s worried another will find out that they’re gay, for whatever reason, gives them the right to cruise restrooms – especially not at a college.

Places like SDCC are supposed to be more than simply an educational facility. Schools come with nurses, (usually) good teachers, and counselors – who are there to help provide a safe learning place for people.

Yeah, a problem with the undercover operation and with telling people about cruising is homophobia, unfortunately, there’s not much too be done about that isn’t already occurring.

Homophobia isn’t going to just “magically go away”, like so many wish it would. I myself am one-half (probably the lesser) of a lesbian relationship.

One day I kiss my girlfriend on the sidewalk and hear someone say “aww,” then turn around to find another (straight) couple staring directly at us.

A different day, I kiss her on the trolley (late at night, I might add). The next thing I know, some lady is cursing at us about being inappropriate, and yelling about how we should have a bedroom to do that in.

And what was the consensual kiss like? It was nothing more than a peck on the lips for about 2 whole seconds. People are trying to dissipate homophobia, but one of the many reasons it’s such a big problem is because people cruise.

It turns people off – making some think that all gays are like that, which just isn’t true. I wish homophobia didn’t exist, truly, but the sad thing is that it does.

That’s why people who don’t want to be out, should probably think about finding some other way to hook up, especially than in a college bathroom.

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‘Here’s what I have to say Mr. Blogger: I do. I care’