VOX POPULI: Cuts to colleges

Megan Rose Bartell

Question by Megan Bartell
Photos by Troy Bryant Orem

What is your opinion of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed $400 million cut to community colleges to balance the state budget?

Angel Torres, 18 graphic design major
“Education is very important. So I think he could find other things to cut. Obama’s State of the Union said win the future. How can we win the future when we’re not properly educated?”

Jane Justin, 23 international relations major
“They have to look for different ways of cutting the budget without affecting the community colleges.”

Ernesto Camacho, 21 Psychology Major
“I just think that they’re taking away money from the people that deserve it.”

Ashley McHone, 22 anthropology major
“I think that’s actually really terrible because there’s a lot of kids that rely on going to community colleges because universities here are so expensive.”