VOX POPULI Planned Parenthood

Megan Rose Bartell

What is your opinion of proposed cuts to Planned Parenthood?

Nicolas Malo, 18, Cognitive Science Transfer
“People who can’t afford condoms … if they can’t go to Planned Parenthood, then they don’t go anywhere. And then they have kids, and they can’t afford these kids because they can’t afford condoms.”

Lee Apodaca, 24, Communications
“Planned Parenthood helps a lot of women in my family who went to it for certain needs, and any funding cut to that program is going to be detrimental.”

Brennan Maclean, 27, Communications
“I’m against abortion, but I think that other things like contraceptives and preventative care, when it comes to diseases and medicine, is essential.”

Gabriela Martinez, 18, Architecture
“I think it’s a disadvantage for teens that are trying to learn about that stuff. That was the only help for them to help with their sexuality.”