Don’t get mad at the cashier

Michelle Moran

In most businesses, if not all, there is one mutual agreement: the customer is always right. Even when they yell at an employee and cause a scene in public, is the customer still right? A manager will most likely say something like “Don’t argue with the customer. Just calmly get a manager and they will resolve it.”

But that doesn’t justify getting yelled at for most likely no apparent reason, just customers that want it their way. In this case, the customer isn’t always right.

According to the website Forbes, if customers don’t know the answer, they will make one up. There have been studies of the human brain, if one side of the brain didn’t know the answer or couldn’t communicate with the other side, it would just make up an answer. This makes it difficult to give a customer credibility when they could just be making up an answer.

It’s not that we shouldn’t listen to the customers, but sometimes they can get out of line. Sometimes, if consumers aren’t satisfied, they let out their frustration in a negative manner. This is when businesses have to draw the line and reevaluate their policy on the customer always being right.

According to Forbes, customer expectations aren’t always rational. Consumers want to purchase things to their liking, and if that new shampoo doesn’t make their hair silkier enough, then there’s a problem. Then the poor teen-age cashier is going to hear about this minor issue and most likely not utter a word because in the customer’s eyes, she is part of the blame.

In some cases, if the employer can’t get the consumer to calm down, then it is their privilege to let that person out of their business.

According to, employees will be loyal to their employers if they are loyal to them. It is not fair to the innocent people who are trying to make a buck at their jobs, to make them hear the meaningless complaints from people who have nothing better to do. It simply just makes their jobs more difficult.

If a manager sees their employees feeling the wrath of an angry customer for no logical reason, then the manager should politely show the customer the exit and give employees the acknowledgement they deserve.

In some cases, the customer is not always right and it is okay for employer to deliver that message to the client.