Black history should be recognized every day

Denise White

I want to be able to celebrate Black History any time if I’d like to.

As a Caucasian, female student, I don’t know how to even celebrate Black History Month at City College.

A few years back, I went to a Historically Black College and University in Augusta, Ga., called Paine College. Being one of the only two white females at a predominately black school, it was different for me being in the minority.

Being surrounded by a black majority and focusing on their accomplishments in our American history was fascinating and it made me appreciate the culture a little bit more.

But what about City College?

There doesn’t appear to be that much involvement with Black History Month on campus besides a couple of events. A predominately black campus knows how to celebrate Black History Month. It’s almost as if every day is a party and every day the college recognizes the accomplishments of a successful black person, present or past. There is so much energy on the campus.

Black History Month is a tricky discussion for me being that I’m not black myself. I want to appreciate another culture that so heavily influences other people without having to assign only one month to it.

Morgan Freeman was interviewed about Black History Month and rejects the concept. “Black history is American history” he said, and this history shouldn’t be appreciated just one month.

I completely agree with him. Black history should be celebrated every day just like white history is celebrated every day. Why don’t we have a White History Month? We don’t have one because white history hasn’t been lost, stolen or even suppressed over the years like black history has.

While I believe black history is completely vital to our ongoing American history, I would like to take the time to appreciate black history daily just like we appreciate white history. The month of February shouldn’t be the only month to recognize black history.