Knights run for new gear

Abigail Meyer

On a chilly Saturday morning in Morley Field, City’s Athletic Department held their 5th Annual 3-Mile walk/run fundraiser on Nov. 14 to raise money for new equipment.

The fundraiser was organized and hosted by the fitness center director, Paul Greer.

The event raised approximately $1,500, each person paid $10 to participate. Greer said that the money is for “keeping up to date with the latest trends in fitness and replacing old equipment is important.”

Greer, who has been the fitness director since 1997, said he wants to share his passion and inspire others to do the same.

“My goal is to bring out the awareness and importance of fitness. We need to be healthy and enjoy it. It improves the quality of life.”

Many students came out, some to run for fitness and to raise money for the cause, and some ran for grades, as teachers at City College offered an incentive to run by offering extra credit.

Cross country runners from Grossmont College also came out to support the fundraiser.