For the Love of Cross-Country: Antonio Marquez

Claudia Robles, Sports Editor

Antonio Marquez, 31, a Journalism major at City College, is no stranger to being a student and an athlete. Marquez has been a cross country runner for two semesters as an intercollegiate athlete at here at City.

He has an Associates of Arts in Journalism and Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast News. With many more degrees under his belt, including Sociology and currently pursuing a Chicano Studies degree.

As a former Price Scholar recipient of the Price Scholarship Program at City College and a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient, Marquez found support from his mentors and counselors to achieve higher education for his future.

Marquez, a Mexican-American athlete born in Guanajuato, Mexico attended San Diego High School and transferred to City College to further his education and athletic dreams. He said, “I always wanted to be in a team since high school but I never got the opportunity, so for me to be on a team is very meaningful.”

As a “Dreamer,” Marquez finds hope to transfer to San Diego State University next fall as a journalism major. He said, “I haven’t been able to transfer yet. I took one class at SDSU but that’s it, and being a Dreamer makes it hard for me to pay for higher education.”

He also states, “I’m scared, honestly because of DACA ending, but more than ever I feel support and encouragement as a Dreamer by being a on the cross country team at City.”

He has gained much support from City College programs such as the Radio, Television, Video and Film Department’s and Newscence’s Broadcast Station on campus. Video Production Professor Chris Acedo said Marquez’s work ethic as, “He was great… always a team player on and off set.”

He also tells us why running in October is very meaningful for him and his family during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Marquez runs for his beloved grandmother who died of ovarian cancer. Marquez explained, “My motivation is my grandmother, when she died of cancer it broke my family apart, but I still kept going… and in running the key thing is to keep moving so that’s what I do for her.”

“Marquez joined the Knights last year as a first-year runner and proved to be the our Most Inspirational Runner,” says cross country Head Coach Ian Cummings.

While Marquez keeps improving over his eight minutes at the 4-mile distance this semester , he says, “The best part of being a City College Knight is being able to motivate others, no matter your age, no matter your background.”

Marquez and his teammates are very supportive from one another because they qualify together as a team. He says,”Having a team behind you is the best feeling ever for the fact that you’re no longer running alone… you’re running with a team that supports you.”

The City College cross country Knights are in season as they are soon to rank for championship finals throughout its meets as they work hard to approach that goal.