Review: ’28 Weeks’ not a zombie of a sequel

John Holthus and John Holthus

By John Holthus

When will people ever learn? After a major catastrophe such as a zombie-producing virus wipes out the entire population of Britain, it’s probably not a good idea to try to go back and fix things. But what do we know? We only live in reality.

“28 Weeks Later” is the sequel to one of – if not the best – zombie movie ever made.

“28 Days Later” was the tale of the Rage virus that was let loose throughout England in which a man fights his way to survival and outlasts possibly living/possibly dead monsters that took over the entire country.

“Weeks” picks up just after the original outbreak, focusing on a group of survivors who are doing whatever they can to hide from the infected.

“28 Weeks Later” casts off the traditional “sequels suck” stereotype and lives up to all its hype by being a truly impressive film. Anyone who enjoys scary movies, zombie flicks or just has a few extra hours during the week should make a point to go see “28 Weeks Later.” It will not let you down.

(John Holthus reviews movies for the Oregon State Barometer, distributed by U-WIRE)