Frugal Foodie: Mexican; a full plate for an empty pocket

Albert’s Fresh Mexican Food located at 1177 C St., across the street from City Collage, has a wide selection of tasty Mexican food, with ample portions and reasonable prices.

Albert’s is a good stop for busy students.

The massive 2 in 1 Burrito, a carne asada burrito with sour cream and guacamole with a rolled taco running down the inside of the burrito, was great.

The soft burrito and strong flavors of sauces and meat contrasted wonderfully with the crunchy rolled taco inside. With a medium soda the total comes out to just under $9.

For those with a healthier diet, the veggie quesadilla has lettuce, guacamole, cheese, and diced tomatoes was to die for. It was a  full meal that I felt good about eating afterward.

The total for the veggie quesadilla comes out to just under $7 with a medium soda.

Albert’s Wraps, a letteuce leaf which has your choice of flavorful meat, pico de gallo salsa, cheese  and guacamole, are an option to grab as well. The wraps are 3 for $6.95.

The restaurant also carriers combination plates starting at $5.95 for those looking for a big meal. Albert’s Plate comes with a carne asada taco, a beef or chicken rolled taco, a bean tostada, rice and beans, is only $7.75 and worth the price. Everything on the plate tasted great, and there was almost enough food for two people.

For those looking to grab something in the morning, Albert’s offers huevos rancheros, omelettes and a few other breakfast plates that range from $5.25 to $7.25.

While you could go to Jack in the Box across the street and eat for a less, the extra dollar or two spent at Albert’s is worth it  for the authentic taste and great combinations.