Madden has evolved yet again


Gameplay of Kansas City Chiefs in Madden 13.

Michael Liggins

From the moment you upload Madden 13 into your gaming console, it becomes obvious that the franchise has once again evolved.

Ray Lewis, the starting linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, gives a captivating and motivating introduction into the Madden 13 experience. Lewis proclaims, “I want to live long after my records have fallen, long after my rings have tarnished… how will you be remembered?” The game’s theme song, “Leaving Your Mark” excites and entices the athletic spirit of a player’s soul.  Fighting other NFL teams for the privilege to call one’s favorite franchise “champion” is what this game is all about.

The developers of Madden 13 have really gone out of their way to ensure that they make the game experience as authentic as possible. A new addition to the game is the crisp and fresh audio score.  CBS sports broadcasters Phil Simms and Jim Nantz take over the commentating duties for the game’s 25th installment. They speak on everything from what colleges the players attended, to their strengths and weakness in the NFL.

Many times when faced with making a decision on the field, such as running or throwing a pass, the commentators can provide valuable information. Simms will urge things like, “Make sure that defensive end can not ruin your football game. Double team him, chip him with the running back, hit him with the tight end. Make sure he’s not the difference in the outcome.’’

The sound coming from the players on the field and the realistic chanting of fans in the stadium give Madden 13 feeling and depth. Not only can you listen to quarterbacks commanding their offensive lines, but you can also hear their vocals change depending on how well you play the game. You can hear quarterback Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers shouts, “Just settle down and do what you do.” Fans in the stadiums can either cheer a great play, or boo at a bad call.  Also, ads for commercial products such as Papa John’s Pizza can be heard during game play. It’s the small things that add to the gripping experience of Madden 13’s game play.

EA Sports developers have done an outstanding job of giving the game a refined and solid look. Graphic-wise, the action on the field is bold and detailed.  Madden 13 gives players the ability to choose what time of day, or what weather they want to play in. Whether you want to see Qualcomm Stadium on a warm night, or Lambeau Field in the bitter snow, you control the visuals of the game.

The players also look fantastic while in action. Pittsburg Steeler Troy Polamalu’s hair flutters effortlessly in the wind, and every stutter-step and jump from Randy Moss looks just as real as if you were watching an actual NFL game.  Even the facial expressions of the coaches and players on the field look great. Every single NFL match up is detailed to perfection in Madden 13.

The Madden NFL series has been entertaining football fans for a quarter of a century. Fans of the franchise will definitely not be disappointed with what Madden 13 brings to the gaming experience. Great audio soundtracks along with deep and defined graphics make Madden 13 a great buy for 2012.