Ben Schachter Quintet performs a sold-out show

Angela Calderon

Jazz Live 88.3 hosted a sold-out event featuring the Ben Schachter Quintet on March 12 in the Saville Theatre.

The quintet presented saxophonist Ben Schachter, iconic pianist Mike Wofford, Philadelphia drummer Matt Scarano and New York bassist Leon Boykins. Most of the group’s music was associated with the two legendary jazz musicians Coltrane and Monk and was also influenced by the rhythms of 1957.

Schachter opened the show with an exceptional arrangement, followed by Wofford’s piano nocturne, Boykins’ bass and Scarano’s drum composition. Each member had passion, energy and a unique individual style while they performed on stage. Those characteristics enabled the audience to have a personal connection with the instrumentals and band members.

Listeners from around the world were also able to tune in and hear the performance which was broadcasted live online. The band encouraged audience members to uplift the group with applause throughout the show and allowed the host to interview the band at the end of the 90-minute live performance.

The Ben Schachter Quintet’s rhythmic arrangements captured devotion and soul, and left the audience delighted and satisfied.

Audience member Tammy Cooter drove down from nearby Julian with friends to watch the shows that Jazz 88.3 host. “I like them and the live music. It’s always good and I really enjoy them,” Cooter said.

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