Queer rapper Mykki Blanco set to perform at Porter’s Pub


Myyki Blanco. Official Facebook image.

Issa Lozano

Queer Rapper Mykki Blanco is set to perform as a part of the “Initiation Tour” at UCSD’s Porter’s Pub on Sept. 13.

Michael Quattlebaum Jr. aka Mykki Blanco is living in the future. A place where the binary gender lines aren’t constricted by a solitary “biological” gender.

If she isn’t seen strutting the streets of New York in a new dress, she’s at a photo shoot in Paris being styled by Nicola Formichetti, being shot for “V” magazine or at an underground warehouse rapping a collective of words.

Blanco isn’t your ordinary rapper. From her alter egos Betty Rubble, Young Castro and the Black Sailor Moon, Blanco spits imagery and emotions, producing a story that goes with each character through experience.

On tracks like”Wavvy”, Blanco raps “What the f—k I got to prove to a room full of
dudes who ain’t listening to my words cuz they’re staring at my shoes.”

She spits as hard as all the boys in the game and can keep up with them with her beats made by friends Flosstradamus and Le1F. Together, they are changing the face of hip-hop as we currently know it.

Opening the show are Psycho Egyptian, DJ Larry B and visual performing artist Boychild.

For tickets and information on the event visit www.porterspub.com.

For More on Mykki Blanco visit mykkiblancoworld.com