True North: Just stick to drinks


True North Tavern in North Park is known for their night life. Photo credit: Michelle Moran

Michelle Moran

True North Tavern in North Park is a bar known for its great drinks and fun atmosphere. It gets very packed on the weekends, so expect to pay a cover. But if you are curious to grab a bite here during the week, the food is not memorable.

Not only did it all taste bland, but the prices were not worth it. Most of the sandwiches and burgers come with a side of tater tots, and who doesn’t love tater tots? That was the only thing that didn’t taste bad, you can always count on those anywhere you go.

The “City Kitchen” burger is just a fancy name for a cheeseburger, which is usually a hit, but in this case, it wasn’t. The meat was too bland and it was a little drippy.

The veggie burger had a funky taste to it and it had too much cheese on it, to the point where it was falling on the plate. So, it quickly went to my list of worst veggie burgers of all time.

The food also felt like eternity to arrive to your table, a good 30 to 40 minutes. The food was disappointing, to say the least, because the menu suggested it was going to be a place with good food to pair well with their exceptional beverages.

Besides the uninteresting cuisine, the waitress was not fast paced. It is understandable that the daytime is going to be dead because all the business happens at night, but she was beyond slow and a bit rude.

True North is a great spot to go with friends on the weekend to get drinks and listen to some good music. They have great local beers on tap like Ballast Point, Stone and Saint Archer. But it is not a place to have a meal.

Sorry kids, but this is a 21+ establishment.

True North Tavern is located on 3815 30th St. in North Park.