Saville full for Curtis Fuller

Roxann Trillo

Lights dimmed and voices faded as a wailing trumpet marked the beginning of The Curtis Fuller Quintet’s sold-out performance on Sept. 21 at the Saville Theatre.

When he wasn’t sharing a joke with the audience, trombonist Curtis Fuller performed with his band, which consisted of Gilbert Castellanos on trumpet, Rob Thorsen on bass, Brett Sanders on drums and Mikan Zlatkovich on piano.

The audience who attended the show saw 76-year-old Fuller, who last played at the Saville Theatre in May 2008, present his musical prowess as he performed tracks from his latest album “I Will Tell Her,” which is dedicated to his late wife.

Trumpeter Castellanos resides in San Diego, and performs in clubs, cafes and small venues in the downtown area. Fuller said Jazz Live provides enormous support for musicians.

“(KSDS Jazz Live) keeps it real,” Castellanos said.