‘An evening of dance’

Donna Maranto

Saville Theater hosted the student/faculty dance show, this semester’s offering from the modern-jazz style of dance, on Dec. 3 and 4.

Alicia Rincon, faculty member and head of the Dance department, directed the show.

“What is great about dance is it can be about music, art, or be based on technology asking questions,” Rincon said. “It speaks from the artist’s voice. It can be an intensely personal expression. It depends on the creators of the dance and what they want to say.”

The program was designed by both faculty and students, who also performed in the show. There were 10 separate dance numbers, including “Fighting for Strength,” which featured a solo performance from student Ronald Davis. “Toys at Play” was choreographed by Seiha Vor, a student who also danced in the number.

“Dedicated dancers put in hard work, dancing after hours and dancing with people who share the same passion,” Vor said, describing the preparation for the performance.

Costume designer Carol Whaley has designed hundreds of costumes that have been featured in City College productions. Whaley also creates the make-up designs for each production.

The lighting designer for the performance, Robert Norberg, provides direction for all music and dance productions at Saville. Faculty members Terri Shipman, Debi Toth-Ward and Grace Shinhae Jun also contributed to the production of the show.