Frugal Foodie: Ocean Beach burger joint hits Broadway


Bobby Whaley

Located on 10th Avenue and Broadway is a small restaurant with big flavor. With only two locations, one downtown and another in Ocean Beach, it is a nationally recognized restaurant, being listed as one of the top five burger joints in America by CNN.

Walking in I knew this place was going to be better than most places, with the vanity plates stapled to the wall and the surf boards hanging from the ceiling I was excited about the environment and the food I was going to eat at Hodad’s.

With no wait at all we were able to get a table the second we walked in. The waiters were fast on their feet to get water to the table and gave ample time for my companion and I to select what we wanted.

I had the Blue Jay burger, basket (with fries). This bacon burger with blue cheese was slightly messy, so I might not recommend it to anyone on a date, but I give full recommendations on taste. The roasted onions added just the slightest bite to the burger, with the bacon, hamburger and blue cheese all melting well to create a unique full flavor.

My companion had a mini-cheeseburger, which seemed filling despite the name.
Both burgers were ordered with fries, and at Hodad’s they serve potato wedge fries, full of flavor and a lot more filling than shoelace fries.

Hodad’s serves Pepsi brand soft drinks, lemonade, coffee and even milk. They also serve shakes, with the classic flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

They do serve beer, as well as red, white and pink wines.

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