Wilson statue draws jeers, cheers

Chris Bloss

Chris Bloss
City Times

Over 300 protesters showed up to Horton Plaza on Aug. 25 to the unveiling of a bronze statue of former San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson.

The protesters were mostly immigrant- and gay-rights activists trying to disrupt the ceremony using chants, bull horns, and drums.

The immigrant-rights activists were opposed to Wilson’s support for Proposition 187, which denies undocumented immigrants social services such as medical care, schooling, and welfare.

Gay-rights activists said they felt ignored and shut out of surging downtown businesses by Wilson during his service to the public

Wilson was not without his supporters that day, with more then 500 attending the ceremony behind fences that blocked off the normally open plaza.

They came to praise Wilson, who is credited with changing the small naval town and problematic downtown area into the thriving business capital of San Diego.

Also in attendance were 15 members of the San Diego Minutemen who came to show their support for Proposition 187 but were shut out of the ceremony.