Voyage for Cleaner Energy

Evonne Ermey

Evonne Ermey
City Times

The World Cultures Program and the Environmental Stewardship Committee will welcome explorer and environmental pioneer Robert Swan to the Saville Theatre May 1 to talk about his boat the 2041 and the Voyage for Cleaner Energy.

Swan’s voyage began in San Francisco on April 8 and will arrive in San Diego April 30 before continuing its 5 year journey around the world. During his trip, Swan will lecture at different venues on the importance of environmental awareness while assembling an international alumni of young leaders to help in the fight for environmental solutions to today’s global problems.

The Voyage for Cleaner Energy’s last port of call will be the 2012 World Summit of Sustainability in Asia where Swan will report the progress of his environmental mission to the United Nations. For more information on the Voyage for Cleaner Energy visit