Aztec Invitational

Sean Daugherty

This years Aztec invitational was good experience for me and other runners. I asked Dan Lineman a sixty year old man that has stayed in shape by running all his life. I have to he was in better shape than me. I can only hope that I maintain body as well Dan when Im his age. Dan Lineman has been running all his life but he recently joined the San Diego Track Club. He said,” go out there and have fun.” The community race had a decent turnout. I didn’t stay and watch the state teams compete but I did get to have a short interview with coach Jennifer Nasta from womens cross country SDSU. I asked her if she had an idea where they would place today. She said if she knew that she would win the lottery. Unfortunately her top runner has an injured foot for the rest of the season. She wanted her team to place in the top five. I couldnt stick around to long but Im hoping she got what she wanted.