Sean Daugherty

My interview with a few members of MECHA. I spoke with Jaziel Carillo and asked some questions.I asked why did you join?He said”I need to promote chicano culture and promote raza/ working class.”I asked”How long have you been involved with MECHA?”He said”Four semesters.”I asked “What communities does MECHA serve?”He said”Logan Height,Sherman Heights,Shelltown and other chicano communities.He added”They had a community forum on 9-10-08 on Barrack Obama.He said”The forum was called what about the black and brown Obama?” I asked him to elaborate more on the forum and he said” Barrack Obama is not articulating the needs of the black and brown communities.”I asked what are MECHA’s causes?, He said”Complete community control over destiny, instituitions, police, health care and the resources within the communities.” I asked what is his sole opinion?He said”It’s about improving and changing social,economic and political conditions. Another interview I had was with Luis Martinez and I asked”What are your future ambitions that MECHA has thatmay have helped influence? His answer it has made him get more involved with the community.I asked “Have you been involve in other clubs? His answer the Rrench club and the computer club. I asked “Does MECHA accept everyone? Their answer yes, anyone willing to help with social conditions. Here is a quote from MECHA “Hasta La Victoria Siempre Venceremos.” Translated “To victory always we shall triumph.” Anyone interested in attending their next event should be ready on Tuesday September 16, 2008 Mexican Independence day from 11 am to 2 pm.