Operation Homefront

Sean Daugherty

I would like to start off by thanking all those who served in the military past and present. Here is a quote unknown”All those who served in the military at one point in their life have wrote a blank check to the United States of America of up to and including their lives.”I feel as a veteran myself I must remember those who gave their lives for my and others americans the right to live. I was headed home when I saw a event brewing in Balboa Park’s War Memorial. I stumbled onto Operation Homefront. I was able to extract some time away from the volunteers and sponsors.Here’s how one such interview went. I asked Trica De La Paz the Director Of Operations What Operation Homefronts purpose was?She answered its in memory of lifes lost on 9/11 and a tribute to veterans past and present. I asked why did you get involved? She got involved after 9/11. One of the attaindees Deidra Bigham also provided some information for my interview.I asked “Why are you walking today?” She said”To support the military and her husband is active duty navy.I asked “How has the military operations helped military families locally?” She said”As a Lincoln military housing unit resident,Operation Homefront donates groceries, gift certificates and other miscellenous household needs; by way of”The our gift to you program.” I aske Michael Baehr”What is Kratos and how do they help?”They are a federal defense information technology and homeland security solution provider.They have adopted officially Operation Homefront as their charitable organization.I asked “Why are you personally involved?” He said,”I think its very important to remember what happened on 9/11 and to honor our military men and woman who serve our country.