Service Dog Policy

Sean Daugherty

The service dog policy is used here at city. I met and interviewed one staffer who benefits from the use of service dogs. This is Maria Garcia Deer story on how her dog Minnie has helped her everyday.Students and faculty who would benefit from a service dog need to register with the DSPS so that they can advocate for them the use of a service dog. When I think of service dogs immediately what comes to mind is service dogs for the blind; but there is a much broader use of them. Many here are used as signal dogs for the hearing impaired. I from time to time see their use on campus. There is also service dogs used to alert students of possible seizure risks.All service dogs are required to meet strict guidelines. Service dogs are some of the cleanest animals you will encounter. I was cautioned that it is in the best interest of all that the service dogs are not distracted and that they are not pets.Maria said”most of us with working dogs we get emotional and other support from our dogs.