ELECTION: Rock the Vote rocks City

Fahima Paghmani

Can people actually rock to a vote?

Apparently San Diego City Community College has. Students, professors, employees and interns gathered Oct. 16 at Gorton Quad, to register to vote, inform themselves about the upcoming elections on November 4th and meet the Candidates running for City Council, while rocking to music.

A live band played while students went from one table to another, taking mental and psychical notes about each candidate.

Candidate Marti Emerald, who is running for City Council District 7, has high hopes for San Diego.

If elected Emerald will, “Create good jobs and grow the middle class, cut waste and avoid raising taxes, and protect our environment and quality of life.”

Interns Cynthia Harris said “Marti knows what is going on in the City, she actually wants to improve our city, for that I admire her even more.”

She added, “I admire Marti because she is very knowledgeable about her work, she is also very determine, for that I believe she is a great advocate.”

Todd Gloria is another candidate running for City Council. Gloria hopes to “Repair and rehabilitate homes in the community.” Gloria’s main focus in civilizing San Diego is by: improving neighborhood services, reducing crime rates, providing better transportation options, and creating more affordable housing.

Being extremely busy Gloria did not make it to the event, however Intern Dion Akers with a BA in Political Science from San Diego State University, represented Gloria with pride and honor.

“Todd is extremely dedicated to San Diego, even right now he is caught up in a event for the city, Todd has high hopes in improving the city,” Akers said.

“Todd is local, he wants to have a first-class relationship with the voters, he does not want to forget about the people of the city, and any of the voters left behind.” Akers also mentions “Since Todd is very dedicated to the people of San Diego, that makes me have a very better idea he will be completely true to his words in improving the community.”

Marty Block, who is running for State Assembly candidate District 78 wants a “Solid record of support for education, the environment, working families, and better health care.”

Block is also fighting for: safe streets, clean beaches, unclogged freeways, homeowner’s rights, and economic justice.

Overall the event gave students, professors, employees, and interns a better idea of the candidates and gave a better understanding on who and what to vote for, for the up coming elections on Nov 4.