Board of Trustees back at City

Ernesto Lopez

On Sept. 24 the San Diego City College District Board of Trustees held a public meeting on campus.

President Terrence Burgess welcomed the board to City College.

“It’s good to be back at City,” Chancellor Constance M. Carroll said.

During the meeting, professors Veronica Ortega-Welch and Stephen Bouscaren presented City’s Service Learning Program.

“It’s so exciting to hear the way people are learning and that students are involved in the community,” board member Maria Nieto Senour said.

City’s Institute for Human Development was also presented to the board by professors Cassie Morton and Francisco Moreno.
During the meeting, the Board of Trustees heard a presentation from Borrego Solar Systems,Inc. The district is in talks with the company to install solar panels at City, Mesa and Miramar Colleges.