Welcome to the Leaky Couldron…In the Cafeteria

Gabriel Roberts

The yellow caution tape that had barricaded the top level of the dinning hall due to a leaky ceiling, has been removed. The usual gamers and fantasy card players had now been allowed to spend their time there as they had intended before. However, the opportunity would be short lived as custodians who clean the soaked rugs every 2 to 3 times a semester, would be destined to return and close off the hangout spot again. Azrael Daniels, 21, and a double major in Film/Video productions and screenwriting, says the upper level cafeteria is not only where he plans his next assignment but also where he converses with friends. “The library is too quiet. Sometimes I’m not working. Sometimes I just want to socialize with people (there).” Steve, 28 a custodian who cleans the rugs on the 11 pm shift, says the leak is caused by rain seeping through the botanical garden located above the cafeteria. Steve, who has worked at City college for 2 years , says the
leak has been a problem since before he was employed. “It would save them more money if they just fixed the leak.” says Steve. Kurt Enyedi, who is in charge of buildings in grounds for City, could not be located to answer any questions concerning the leak that has been causing the repetitive rug cleaning.