SD college district to transfer historic house to new location

John Balchak and John Balchak

If you have been on 15th Street near campus recently, you may have noticed one small grey house, its windows are boarded but it seems to stand sturdily on the otherwise demolished block.

The entire city block is being leveled to make way for the college’s new math/general purpose building, its construction will begin later this year.

But, before this can take place, that house will have to find a new home.

According to campus Project Manager Tom Fine, the two-story Victorian cottage has been at its present location since 1886 and was the home of Stephen B. and Fannie Marks.

Considering its age and location, the San Diego Community College District documented the home’s history and submitted their findings to the San Diego Historical Resources Board, which officially designated it to be a historic resource.

In order to help preserve the house, the district has taken steps to move it to a site on Island Avenue in the Grant Hill neighborhood of San Diego.

The plan is currently under review by the City Planning Commission and, if approved, the structure will be transported to its new property this summer.