Vox Populi


Vox populi

1. black kid with red t shirt(Antoine Bennett, business administration ), glasses – this is supposed to be the land of opportunity, bring me your tired and hungry masses. I think its kind of wrong.

2. White girl dark hair pink wife beater(Charolotte Lytle, broadcasting major) I think it sucks because immigrants should not be detained.

3. Curly hair from white T shirt( Maurice Strickland, computer engineering) I think there are better ways to solve the problem other than racial profiling.

4. Latino girl grey top( Karen Vasques, business management) I think its pretty racist because it focuses on Mexicans.

5. Black lady glasses blue jumper( Lanita Parnell- fine arts) I think its not good, because they did the same thing to black people during slavery period by passing laws to keep black people out their states.

6. Latino man blue shirt( Jaimie Estrada, Spanish prof) I think this is bad, we have fought in many wars, we fought during the ’60s, and people died for this; now we are going backwards.