Campus police has moved to V building

San Diego City College campus police are officially stationed at their new location on 16th and Broadway in City College’s V Building.

The move was officially made on April 25 after years of campus police being stationed on City College’s T building.

The new campus police facility comes equipped with state of the art technology, a briefing room, a locker room, an interview room and a holding cell.

Sgt. Jordan Mirakian spoke about the benefits that come with the new facility.
“We have a more secure facility and it’s more professional.” Mirakian said,
“In the business of law enforcement it is not just us. We bring other agencies and train officers at our station. We can be proud to bring them to our new station.”

Funding for the new police station came from a bond distributed by Proposition S and N.
Proposition S manages two types of projects, capital facilities bond projects, which are typically large and complex structures or improvement projects, which are typically smaller and include repair or replacement work.

Proposition N will provide funds to complete the rehabilitation of deteriorated college facilities and add classrooms and instructional support space.

Both funds are approved by the San Diego voters.

Aside from the new police station, campus police will maintain their presence on campus by adding a sub-station near the cafeteria.