Academic assistance for low-income students

In a time of growing financial hardship, New Horizons is a program that helps low-income City College students to achieve academic success.

Program Coordinator Mary Jane Kruse said New Horizons benefits these students by teaching them the skills needed to achieve in college and beyond.

The program provides students with book loans, counseling, child care and other resources offered by City College.

“Our goal is the to help the students be successful, know where they want to go, and to keep them focused on their educational goals,” said Kruse.

Students must first qualify for the Board of Governors Waiver through the Financial Aid office.  Then they are given resource packets containing tips for study skills, a calendar, academic planner, and information on study centers, public transportation and where to get meals.

Kruse also provides one-on-one time with students to addresses their concerns. She takes pride in knowing this program can reallymake a difference in these students’ lives.

“It is really fun to see these students grow, and achieve all of their goals,” she said.

For more information about New Horizons visit room L-206, open Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.