Hardware failure blocks access to Blackboard

A hardware failure at the district information technology center  caused the Blackboard Vitsa site to go down.

The outage began on the afternoon of Oct.19 after a  disk system failed.

According to Dave Giberson, instructional design director for San Diego Community College District, the disk system was designed to avoid such failure.

“The failure caused massive damage to the Oracle database that stores and retrieves Blackboard Vista’s data,” said Giberson in an e-mail.

A complete restoration from existing backups was required, and began the morning of Oct. 20.

The estimated time of completion for the restoration is  between Oct. 26 and 27.

According to Giberson, Oracle said that there is no way to speed up the restoration process.

“This outage has nothing to do with the Blackboard software. It was due to a catastrophic hardware failure in the District IT data center,” said Giberson in an e-mail.

At the time of this writing it was not clear whether there would be any data loss when Blackboard is restored.
For questions regarding the outage contact Kent Keyser, the director of IT, at [email protected] or at (619) 388-6939.