Peeping Tom twice arrested in campus bathroom

Campus police have detained a man twice for peeping on women while they were using the restroom at Centre City Continuing Education building this semester.

William Brown, who has twice been arrested for peeping in a women’s restroom and once for public intoxication on campus, is described as  a light-skinned black male, standing about 5’8” and weighing about 180 pounds, according to campus police.

Both times Brown was arrested for being in the same women’s bathroom in the Fitness Center in the early morning hours. He is not a student at City College.

The arrests are among several crimes committed on campus this semester, said Sgt. Jordan Mirakian, head the City College Police Department.

Among them was a recent burglary in the A-Building, where an unknown number of individuals stole computer equipment and damaged property.

According to Mirakian, there is reason to believe this crime was committed by a students or people familiar with the building’s layout.

Mirakian said that “Crime is unpredictable; we can go months with no crime then suddenly get hit with a (wave) of crime back to back to back.”

Budget cuts have forced campus police to be more creative in how they allocate resources to meet the campus’ needs. Mirakian said they have done a good job of managing with the cuts.

There are around 28 officers in the district, which inclides three campuses, and around 10 working each shift.

“We need and encourage students to report crimes while it happens. This is the best way to effectively lessen crime,” Mirakian said.

Campus police dispatch can be reached at (619) 388-6405.