UC students ‘fix’ tuition

A groundbreaking proposal would change the way that students pay for their education, essentially turning tuition on its head.

Students of the University of California system would no longer be required to pay tuition if the proposal by Fix UC, a student run organization, is adopted by the University of California regents.

“What if instead of charging students upfront for their education, students would attend the UC with no upfront costs whatsoever,” said Chris LoCascio, a junior who heads the UC Riverside organization.

According to the proposal, graduates would not be required to pay tuition until they have entered the workforce.

Most graduates would pay five percent of their wages for two decades. Students from other states and nations would pay six percent per year.

Average UC tuition for undergraduate students is $12,192 per semester, not including room and board and other campus fees.

“I’m very impressed with the proposal despite the obstacles we see (in its) implementation,” said UC President Mark G. Yudof at a recent meeting.

UC officials said that the proposal is vague on how payment would be enforced.