Coming soon: more parking

Troy Orem

At the start of a busy day, finding parking is the last thing you want to worry about.

In days of late, doing just that has been difficult. Even with the addition of the Career Technology Center parking structure, on a busy day, those levels can fill up quickly.

There is however, a light on the horizon: the Mathematics and Social Sciences building.  Construction on the MS building has continued over the summer at an accelerated rate, meaning the building that was once slated to be complete summer of next year will be completed in the spring.

While this means classes still have some time before they can begin moving in, there is a possibility that in the coming weeks the parking structure will be open for use.

According to Project Manager Tom Fine, the goal date to open the structure has been set for Aug. 27. There are two requirements standing in the way however: first, an inspection of the elevators in the structure, and second, installation of the permit issuing machines.

If the elevators pass inspection and the permit machines are installed on time, come Aug. 27, those busy mornings could be a little easier to manage.