Universities to visit City campus

Tristen Fernane

As the school semester progresses the time for transfer to a university draws near. City College will be holding a Transfer Fair on Oct. 25 in the Gorton Quad. Here students can learn what they need to do in order to transfer to the college of their choosing.

Speaking with Joseph D’Ambro, the coordinator of the event, he mentioned a variety of colleges that will have booths.  A few listed are: UCSD, SDSU, UC Berkeley, Ohio State University, New York Film Academy, Southern California Seminary, Arizona State University, University of Utah, a number of local, private colleges and many more.

“There are 25 confirmed university attending but still growing as we get calls from colleges asking if there is still room left,” D’Ambro said.

D’Ambro explained that students who attend the fair will get admissions information from each college they visit and financial aid information on how students can pay for the college.

“Even if a college you’re interested in isn’t going to be there it is still good to come out and get information on transferring and admissions,” D’Ambro said.

Some colleges will bring people to speak about specializations they may have. For instance, as D’Ambro pointed out, a few have specializations in nursing and will have someone in the program talk about it. Also, if students are interested after the fair, UC Berkeley will be doing a presentation.

Overall, the transfer fair will have different kinds of information to appeal to all types of people.